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Melbourne was rocking, thank you! #GoodLife2014


Melbourne was rocking, thank you! #GoodLife2014


This past Sunday, the LA Times ran an article which was essentially an inflammatory pummeling of the EDM scene. It painted a picture of “Ecstasy-fueled underground” raves, bumped up into the mainstream, leaving a trail of dead, drug-addled kids being picked up by the “…coroner’s wagon rolling…

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The ONLY true version of Push Thru ft Curren$y and Kendrick Lamar, produced by Symbolic One, with Kendrick’s correct verse. New, from my album Prisoner of Conscious, out October on Blacksmith/EMI. Follow my lead. Be on the look out for my mixtape with Z-Trip, Attack The Block! Soon come. Cheers!


The only thing that will make the baby stop crying is Biggie.

I want my first marriage to be my only marriage.


I hate having feelings for someone. I hate getting attached to someone. I hate putting so much of my time and effort on someone cause in the end… you’re left alone and you have to start over. While you’re all sad..the other person seems to be doing great!